Sunday, May 23, 2010

Starter Block - Vickie

I fell in love with these owls the first time I saw them. They are fun, playful...and a bit sassy! :) They remind me of my Grandmother!! She had a macrame owl in her kitchen (where I usually found her) and she was fun, playful...and a bit sassy!! I knew I wanted to use them for my inspiration fabric, but wasn't sure exactly how until someone suggested stars, since owls were out at night!! I included some of both the natural and the green tea owl fabrics for each one to choose from to use in the block they make to journey the world with this one. Their stars can be big or small, one or many, the whole block or only part of the block. I am excited to see where everyone's imagination takes these guys, and to hear the stories of people who were significant in their lives, like my Grandother was to me!!

1 comment:

  1. working on my idea and collecting some fabrics! even know what i'll write up in the journal!

    your block is awesome!