Saturday, July 24, 2010

My Block for Monika

Monika chose a color explosion block (a la Oh, Fransson's paintbox quilt block).  Each block is a single color.  It is a beautiful, colorful quilt when finished.  Here is my block:
Here is my block with Monika's starter block:

 and here are the rest of the blocks together, so far:
This photo does not do these blocks justice.  They are really amazing in person.  Each one of them has something unique in it.  I think Monika is going to end up with a beautiful quilt.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Melissa's Blocks

Melissa requested pinwheels and I immediately thought of Hanies tutorial. I have long admired this block and this was the perfect time to try it! The photo does not do these colors justice.

Instead of a siggie block, she asks that we each make a mini pinwheel using our fabrics. You will notice a slight stain on one of my little white pieces. 

It is diet dr. pepper. However, it is now clean and freshly pressed, minus the stain...and winging it's way on the journey to Lisa. These are the lovies traveling with it.

What a fun quilt this will be!!! 

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A block for Krista

I have finished my block for Krista.  I love the bright colors she used in her block as well as the beautiful fabrics Cindy N. and Elizabeth used in their blocks that accompanied Krista's.  Here is my block:

Here is Krista's starter block with mine:

And here are all of the blocks so far:

Looks like fun!