Sunday, May 30, 2010

Cindy R's Soft, Lovely Blocks

I'm not gonna lie. I struggled with this one. I don't have a large stash and I am a new quilter. Cindy's beautiful block in soft browns and peaches is so soothing and soft. I can be a bit boisterous and dramatic...and so are my fabrics. Her applique petals made me wish I knew how to applique...but I don't (yet).

As I looked at her quilt block, I kept thinking of flowers, and even thought for awhile to continue the petal theme, however decided on flowers, in general....but what?? Then I saw a quilt by my friend Amy on Flickr and I began to see that perhaps I could do a flower.  My Amy Butler pink and Alexander Henry Dots sorta worked, but they were way too loud on the outside, so I dug into a layer cake that my sweet daughter-in-law Ashley picked out and found some perfect fabrics, along with a muted brown sent by Cindy. 

I am pleased with how it turned out and hope Cindy is too! Can't wait to see it as it travels round the world!! I am honored to be on this journey with these fabulous women!


Friday, May 28, 2010

Cindy's Neighborrhood Blocks

Today I finished Cindy’s (playswithneedles) blocks. Cindy’s starter block is on the left.

She asked for wonky neighborhood blocks, not limiting us specifically to houses, but anything neighborhood-ish. You might be wondering where “the wonky” went in my blocks and to be honest I just don’t know…I thought it was there and some how it just isn’t.

I love Cindy’s theme…and it caused me to being to think about how it seems like the perfect representation of what this bee is for us all. We may not live in proximity to each other, but we are nonetheless creating a neighborhood across the globe. Daily we are sharing our lives, struggles, encouragement, laughter (yes, it is there in abundance), and bits of ourselves with the women in this group. We all lead different lives and yet we are knit together by our love of quilting…creating something with our hands to bring joy to another. I think this must have been what it was like before lives became so busy, when there were no computers and women sat around a loom at an old-fashioned quilting bee. They too shared bits and pieces of themselves as they created something both beautiful and serviceable.

It is a privilege to continue a modern version of a tradition that speaks to what I believe is our inherent need to create and connect with other women.


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Second Block for Debbie

here is the block i made for debbie's quilt. it is the one on the right. she is doing a quilt based on the seasons....lets just say tht i had a hard time narrowing it down to which season/holiday i wanted to make a block for! the block on the left is debbie's starter block. she has made four trees for each season. her block will probably be in the center of the quilt with all of ours around the outside.

Alex's starter block

This is the first time I've blogged! Very exciting! This quilting bee has really been an adventure - and we've only just started! Too many exclamation marks????

Here's my first block - a classic kaleidoscope.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Starter Block - Karie

When joining this group I had another quilt in mind but after getting to know everyone I soon realized there was something very unique about this group and decided to ask for some help with a special project.  My littlest man will be moving into a big boy bed around the time my blocks are returned to me.  Since he has 3 big brothers very close in age, everything he owns has been battered, worn and passed down (repeatedly)  I figured he is due something of his very own, a big boy quilt.  I chose Heather Ross's Goldfish in Bags and Goldfish on blue as my feature fabrics with blue, white and orange accent fabrics.  The blocks can either be a square block or special block with appliqued goldfish and/or bubbles. 

Here is my starter block.

Looking forward to the journey!

Jen's Lovely Hedgehog Block!

I received this wonderful block in the mail yesterday from Jen in Canada. Her Journal is amazing too!! I was so excited to get to work on it. She wanted to use this adorable hedgehog fabric but didn't want a "child" quilt. She used warm earth tones to give it a more "grown up" modern feel.
It is going to be fun to watch this one. I love the two together so far!
Jen's starter block is on the right, my block is on the left!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Starter Block - Vickie

I fell in love with these owls the first time I saw them. They are fun, playful...and a bit sassy! :) They remind me of my Grandmother!! She had a macrame owl in her kitchen (where I usually found her) and she was fun, playful...and a bit sassy!! I knew I wanted to use them for my inspiration fabric, but wasn't sure exactly how until someone suggested stars, since owls were out at night!! I included some of both the natural and the green tea owl fabrics for each one to choose from to use in the block they make to journey the world with this one. Their stars can be big or small, one or many, the whole block or only part of the block. I am excited to see where everyone's imagination takes these guys, and to hear the stories of people who were significant in their lives, like my Grandother was to me!!

Starter Block ~ Joan

Here is my starter block for the bee.  I love bold, bright colors and geometric design.  I used this pattern and asked everyone to do their own interpretation of it.  I sent along a yard of the Kaffe Fassett floral and asked that the colors be drawn from that fabric and that everyone use a piece of it somewhere in their block.  I am very excited to see what comes back to me.  This is my first bee and I am enjoying being a part of this very creative group of women.

~ Joan

Starter Block ~ Lisa

Chicago... my starter block! I decided I wanted my quilt to be representative of the journey it would be making. I have asked that everyone make a block representative of where they are from weather that is your country, state, city, town, house, favorite landmark, etc is up to everyone who makes a block. I didn't limit fabrics or colors or style... just size (12.5x12.5). As I wrote in my journal... this lucky block gets to travel the world on someone else's dime! Can't wait to see everyone's handy work!

Starter blocks - Deanna

here is my starter block! i had originally wanted to do a Christmas themed quilt but didn't have any Christmas fabric (gasp!) and of course it is much too early for the stores in my town to be carrying any yet. so.....i picked something wintery. i had just over a yard of the black snowman fabric and have since been able to find more online....i'll use that for the borders!

i've sent along a yard of the snowman fabric for everyone to use at least one piece of....then from there they will add from their own fabric stash to make a block of their will be fun to see what everyone comes up with along the journey.

~ deanna ~

Friday, May 21, 2010


a quilt is like a universal language........

they have the ability to bind us together with a common bond, or threads in this case........

please join us as we take part in a journey.....a journey that will lead each of us around the world.

we are a round robin journey quilting bee with a twist.....we have each made our starter blocks, written up our instructions of what we wanted our quilt to be and in some cases we have sent along a yard of fabric for each to use at least one piece of.

what makes this round robin journey a bit different is the journals that will travel along with each package. we, as brand new friends, will each add our comments to the journal. we can draw pictures, add a photo or just share a story about something that inspired us in choosing to make the block that we made. when our starter blocks have made it back to us full circle we will not only have enough blocks to make a good sized quilt out of, but we will also have the story behind each and every block in our quilt.

so, join with us as we share with you the journey of a quilt.......