Sunday, November 7, 2010

The "3 Block Behind" Shuffle

Now, I love to dance...and sing...but I hate being behind in our sweet little bee. I am not anymore!!!

This first block I did is for Jen in our Quilting Journey Round Robin Bee. My inspiration block was the Antique Tile from Modify Tradition. I just added another strip of fabric to bring it up to 15.5", which is what she requested.

Quilting Journal Round Robin Bee - Jen

These bad boys are really big and the light in my room is not great, so they kind of hang off the table, but here is my block with Jen's starter block. They will be living happily in Canada.

Quilting Journal Round Robin Bee - Jen

Next comes the block for Krista. It was so hard to decide which way to go with this block, because I had an idea of what I was going to do from the pictures I had seen of others and what they had done, until I had hers and the others in my hot little hands! Then, I knew I had to rethink...and wait until I was actually "in" a fabric store to get some different fabrics. I decided on 3 fabrics and a star. Without even knowing it, I even ended up purchasing the same KF fabric she had in her block to use in mine. And the blue matches hers, as well...two *happy accidents*. 

Quilting Journal Round Robin Bee - Krista

The pattern for my block came from the Quilter's Cache website (a real treasure). Here are our blocks together.

Quilting Journal Round Robin Bee - Krista

The last block I did was for Mona W. This block and Jen's came together about 2 weeks ago. I thought I might not enjoy doing this block, because I love variety and Mona wanted a paintbox block (one color) ala "Oh, Fransson", one of my favorite blogs. I was so wrong. I love red and this block was so...satisfying to make. :)

Quilting Journal Round Robin Bee - Mona W

Here is my block with Mona's. :) It is fun to think of them living together in Germany!! 

Quilting Journal Round Robin Bee - Mona W

So, bring on the next blocks....and Christmas!!! 

Friday, November 5, 2010

Making up for lost blog postings...

I'm behind on posting to our blog! I recently finished up blocks for Joan, Elizabeth and Cindy.

Joan designed the pattern below and sent some fabric along below is the progress on her quilt:

This is the block I created:

Cindy wanted everyone to create blocks for her quilt neighborhood. Here is the progress so far:

I looks so amazing in person. Some day I'm going to have to make a neighborhood quilt I think.

Here is the block I made for her quilt:

I thought our neighborhood needed a "local quilt shop". Where else are we going to get fabric??

I also finished up blocks for Elizabeth. Here is the progress of her quilt so far:

She sent along the bird fabric in the center of each block. Below is my block (right) and her starter block (left):

I am really enjoying this bee. I hear there are FOUR packages heading my way. I hope I can stay on top of them so more don't pile up.