Friday, May 21, 2010


a quilt is like a universal language........

they have the ability to bind us together with a common bond, or threads in this case........

please join us as we take part in a journey.....a journey that will lead each of us around the world.

we are a round robin journey quilting bee with a twist.....we have each made our starter blocks, written up our instructions of what we wanted our quilt to be and in some cases we have sent along a yard of fabric for each to use at least one piece of.

what makes this round robin journey a bit different is the journals that will travel along with each package. we, as brand new friends, will each add our comments to the journal. we can draw pictures, add a photo or just share a story about something that inspired us in choosing to make the block that we made. when our starter blocks have made it back to us full circle we will not only have enough blocks to make a good sized quilt out of, but we will also have the story behind each and every block in our quilt.

so, join with us as we share with you the journey of a quilt.......


  1. Well said and well done! What fun!

  2. This sounds very much like what we did in our Guild a few years back. We called them 'Brown Bag' quilts as the starter block and journal were passed from one person to the next in a brown bag. The original owner was not allowed to see any of their blocks until the last meeting of the year when we had a "Discovery" meeting. It was a lot of fun and I enjoy the quilt and the journal that went with it. Kinda wish I had seen this when you first started!