Friday, November 5, 2010

Making up for lost blog postings...

I'm behind on posting to our blog! I recently finished up blocks for Joan, Elizabeth and Cindy.

Joan designed the pattern below and sent some fabric along below is the progress on her quilt:

This is the block I created:

Cindy wanted everyone to create blocks for her quilt neighborhood. Here is the progress so far:

I looks so amazing in person. Some day I'm going to have to make a neighborhood quilt I think.

Here is the block I made for her quilt:

I thought our neighborhood needed a "local quilt shop". Where else are we going to get fabric??

I also finished up blocks for Elizabeth. Here is the progress of her quilt so far:

She sent along the bird fabric in the center of each block. Below is my block (right) and her starter block (left):

I am really enjoying this bee. I hear there are FOUR packages heading my way. I hope I can stay on top of them so more don't pile up.

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